Paris Baguette Hà Nội Reviews

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4.5 star
1 star: Bad

Efficient and fun

It was a blast experience to go to work everyday. I got to interact with customers and received their feedback about the products as well as our service. It made me realize how patient I am with customers and how happy I was when I make them happy with my service. Team working was an absolutely priceless experience as well which make my work days much more easier and where I made true friends who still by my side till these days.

1 star: Bad

It is a good company

Working in Paris Baguette helped me increase my experience in different position such as: sales, customer services, cashier and barista. Thank to this job, I understood the demand for the store’s products in my working area as well as how to order enough products to supply and meet the customer’s needs. My English also is improved.